The number one question I get when someone views my resume is “why a German degree?”.  I laugh and smile and give some canned answer about it being similar to an English degree but more focused on stories with a German heritage.  That is somewhat true, but not the whole picture.

My extensive time at AAA should be some form of a hint, I have wanderlust.  It started young when our family would pack suitcases and hit the European roads, exploring foreign countries, experiencing new cultures, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  While money constraints and limited vacation days has put a cap on my whirlwind adventures, escaping through literature of my undergraduate days has become a gateway to the experience of my childhood.

The sense of wonder and exploration that I’ve gained through my travels is something I apply to my work everyday.  Finding challenges, throwing myself into new projects, taking risks and trying every opportunity, and having the confidence in myself that if I fail, I can still pick myself up and go on to succeed.  I want to bring my enthusiasm for work to a places that have the same level of enthusiasm, wherever that is.  I am up for the adventure of life and everything that comes with it.  The highs and the lows.




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